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Webinar: Automate 'almost' anything with FME

By GeoConnexion - 27th May 2020 - 10:39

9th December
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30 minutes

Having to repeat the same data processing task a couple of times is tolerable, three times is an inconvenience, needing to do it twenty-three times is unrealistic. This kind of activity involving multiple steps and sometimes more than one person means it’s easy for errors to creep into the process or little inconsistencies in methodology occurring that reduce the ultimate quality of your data.

In situations like this you can look to automation to take the strain. Automating a task can however get a bad press, because it can be perceived to be a replacement for a real person. If automation is used solely as a tool to replace a person though, you’re not going to get the true value from the technique. Used correctly and used well, automation helps you to remove the mundane tasks that you’d rather not do. It also helps you to manage the inconvenient tasks that you physically can’t do, because they are too frequent, or are required at an unsociable time. Attend this webinar and we’ll show you how FME can help you to automate anything, well almost!

This webinar is part of our free FME education programme where we focus on one specific topic and dive deep under the covers to highlight a particular data challenge or solution. All of our historic webinars are published on just in case you missed a session, you can review it there… but if you join us on the live session you’ll have the opportunity to ask our expert presenter some questions around the topic.

In the meantime if you have any technical questions, or you’d just like a quotation for FME, some training or a dedicated consultancy session from one of our FME Certified Professionals, just send us some details to [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you.