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Storm Chasers Take on Supercell Thunderstorms in Bangladesh 

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2015 - 13:53

Scott Olson touched down in Bangladesh to become the countryâs first known storm chaser. On the other side of the world, back in Oklahoma, Tim Vasquez and a team of meteorologists worked tirelessly to put together accurate forecasts to help Olson get into the thick of the countryâs notoriously elusive thunderstorms. Author and forecaster Tim Vasquez explains that the South Asian country of Bangladesh is a focal point of tornadoes in the Eastern Hemisphere. The country is traditionally known for its unusually violent thunderstorms. The chasers faced multiple hurdles that stood in the way of their expedition, including the countryâs blinding haze and poor road networks, as well as a lack of accurate data to predict the weather patterns. Vasquez hopes the growing notoriety of these storms will lead to better warnings and heightened safety and security measures that will aid in preparation for the powerful storms.