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Resilient Cities Asia Pacific congress calls for action on urban resilience 

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2015 - 13:53

Mayors and municipal leaders from the Asia Pacific region have called for a more coordinated action to build resilience and adapt to the intensifying impacts of climate change. The Bangkok Call for Action was agreed at the closing of the inaugural Resilient Cities Asia Pacific congress. The congress brought together over 300 city leaders and experts to exchange tried and tested solutions on managing risk and building resilience in Asian cities. The population of Asian cities is expected to reach 1.8 billion in 2030. According to UN estimates, 8 out of 12 disasters that happened between 2000 and 2010 happened in the region. The triple whammy effects of urbanization, climate change and globalization prompted cities to work together with national governments and the global community. Sixteen Mayors and city officials signed an initiative to commit to collaborative climate action.

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