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By [email protected] - 23rd March 2015 - 13:52

Flying change at Airborne Technologies

A âflying changeâ is going to take place at Airborne Technologies. Burkhard Jäger assumes the position as new Head of Design Organization and Chief Engineer at Airborne Technologies. 45-year-old Burkard Jäger holds a degree from Technical Universities Munich and Graz in the field of Aeronautical- and Business Engineering and can look back on a long-standing experience in the field of aviation. In his last position he successfully managed a team of 25 engineers and was responsible for the handling of aviation projects from design and certification up to production support. Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of ABT, said, âWe are happy to have gained such an experienced person, with skills on both, the technical and managerial side. With the appointment of Burkhard Jäger as Head of Design we will take a step forward to further expansion of our business activities while at the same time continuing the quality standards, our customers are used to.â