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Handheld Announces Major Upgrade to Algiz 10X Rugged Tablet

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2015 - 13:53

Handheld Group has announced a major upgrade to the Algiz 10X. The rugged computer now features the new Windows 8.1 Pro operating system (which is downgradeable to Windows 7 for maximum flexibility). Windows 8.1 Pro offers enhanced features to help users easily connect to company networks, access one PC from another, encrypt data and more. The new Algiz 10X also carries the powerful Intel quad-core N2930 1.83 GHz processor with 2.16 GHz boost. This processor allows for both higher performance and cooler running temperatures. Compared to the Algiz 10Xâs previous processor, the N2930 more than doubles performance benchmarking, RAM support, number of cores and performance per watt. The upgraded Algiz 10X also supports LTE, which provides substantially faster data speeds, both up- and downstream, and increased overall network coverage.