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GIS Observation System Supplies Water for Lives

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2015 - 13:53

As the main water supply and electricity generator in great Taipei, Feitsui Reservoir is a vital resource in Taiwan. To ensure that water quality, water supply and the land use of catchment area are under control, the authority decided to establish a GIS application, so that the officers can well observe and manage the whole area on the map. By using SuperGIS Server as the core software, the Land Use Investigation System of Feitsui Reservoir Catchment Area is able to integrate various resources in a single GIS platform. Managers can easily gather related information, like water level and quality, precipitation, satellite images, CCTV, photos with coordinates info, potential landslide areas and location of signs, to make proper decisions in time. With the SuperGIS-powered systems, the authority is able to integrate and exchange its internal data smoothly in supplying better water resources for more lives.