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Dewberry Selects LP360 For LiDAR Workflows

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2015 - 13:52

QCoherent Software is pleased to announce that Dewberry has purchased multiple copies of LP360 for use in a variety of LiDAR workflows. Amar Nayegandhi, Associate Vice President and Director of Remote Sensing, stated that he had chosen LP360 after evaluating multiple desktop LiDAR analytic tools. âRapid quality assessment of LiDAR data is critical to our workflows. LP360 has the ability to handle large data sets while maintaining very fast display response. It has a wide variety of point cloud tools that are quite easy to use. It can be run as a stand-alone 64 bit application as well as an ArcGIS extension, providing us with flexibility in deployment.â Nancy Graham, general manager of QCoherent Software stated âDewberry works closely with us, providing feedback that we are able to use in improving the features in our software.â