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BlackBridge’s RapidEye Imagery Now Available through Farmers Edge 

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2015 - 13:52

BlackBridge has agreed to expand the use of RapidEye high-resolution satellite imagery within the Farmers Edge precision agriculture platform. BlackBridge and Farmers Edge have entered into a long-term contract, which grants Farmers Edge access to historical and cropping season imagery of North America, South America, Australia, and Eastern Europe through BlackBridgeâs Monitoring Programs for Agriculture. BlackBridge provides broad-area coverage and multitemporal imaging delivered frequently throughout the growing season, which is used to give growers recommendations to monitor and manage their cropland more effectively, reducing costs and optimizing yields. BlackBridge also offers its partners and customers an opportunity to access archive imagery from previous years for a more complete analysis. Through its Precision Edge platform and custom Precision Solutions packages, Farmers Edge can now provide quick access to high-resolution RapidEye imagery for the major precision agriculture practicing areas of the world.