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Rugged Tablet Purpose-built for High Accuracy Measurements

By [email protected] - 17th October 2018 - 06:00

RealSense 3D Camera is Fully Integrated to Capture Real Time Detailed Images

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 17, 2018 – DT Research, the leading designer and manufacturer of purpose-built computing solutions for vertical markets, today announced the DT301X Rugged Tablet, a lightweight military-grade tablet that is purpose-built to enhance the precision of crime and crash scene reconstruction, bridge and other construction inspections, and 3D surveying.

The DT301X Rugged tablet has MIL spec and IP ratings, yet is lightweight - offering the versatility to be used in the field, office and vehicles. A high brightness 10.1” touch screen offers flexible viewing in a wide range of lighting, and an Intel 8th generation Core i5 or i7 processor offers high-performance while still being energy-efficient. With high capacity 60 or 90 watt hot-swappable batteries, the DT301X keeps working continuously, complemented with a variety of battery chargers so fully-charged batteries are always available.

The DT301X integrates the Intel® RealSense™ Depth camera which provides real-time 3D imaging to shorten the workflow and create extremely accurate measurements for CAD, engineering, design, utility management, and crime scene forensics. Scientific grade data, which is important for court evidence as well as building plans, just got easier and is now available to a wider group of workers. With this 3D camera technology, depth perception is integrated to add the most accurate image to make projects stay factual and consistent.

This rugged tablet gives detailed accuracy combined with the latest 3D camera technology all in one device that is rugged and easy to use in the field.

“DT Research’s high-performance rugged tablet equipped with the RealSense depth camera combined with DotProduct’s Dot3D Scan software allows speedy and efficient field-to-office 3D workflows for a wide range of applications from construction verification to asset management to crime scene mapping.” says Tom Greaves, chief marketing officer at DotProduct.

The DT301X is built to operate in real-world situations, with an IP65 rating for water and dust, MIL-STD-810G for shock and vibration protection, and MIL-STD-461F for EMI and EMC tolerance; this tablet can be paired with a detachable keyboard for ease of use, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for smooth networking and constant communications.

Some optional data capture offered on the DT301X besides the 3D camera are a 2D barcode scanner for equipment/location tags, a dual frequency GNSS module for real-time mapping and positioning, long range Bluetooth for 1000ft range and 4G LTE mobile broadband for the latest in high speed communications.

The DT301X rugged tablet is compatible with existing applications with Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating systems for flexible integration, and it brings together the advanced workflow for data capture, accurate positioning and data transmitting.

Whether at the electrical substation, at the crash scene, or at the construction site, the DT301X is ideal for accurate measurements as well as other needed tasks, able to travel to wherever the work is.

The DT301X Rugged Tablet will be available in November 2018 from DT Research’s authorized resellers and partners.

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